1. The Surveyor, who will be a Chartered Surveyor shall advise the Client in writing of his findings as to the state of repair and condition of the property in question and as to his opinion thereof.

2. The Surveyor shall perform the task of carrying out a Building Survey with reasonable skill, care and diligence.

3. The Surveyor shall carry out such works as is reasonable in his professional judgment bearing in mind the limitations of the inspection.

4. The report will not purport to express an opinion about or to advise upon the condition of uninspected parts and should not be taken as making any implied representation or statement about such part nor will it mention minor defects which the surveyor considers do not materially affect the value of the property. If the report does refer to some minor defects this does not imply that the property is free from other such defects.

5. The Surveyor will inspect as much of the surface areas as is practicable, and will lift loose floorboards or to inspect those area of the property that are covered, unexposed or are not readily accessible. Inspection will therefore exclude both the roof space, if there is no reasonable accessible roof hatch and the outer surfaces of the roof if the cannot be readily seen. Similarly, inaccessible flat roofs over 3 meters (10ft) above ground level will not be inspected.

6. The report is provided for the sole use of the named Client and is confidential to the Client and his professional advisers. The Surveyor accepts responsibility to the Client alone for the stated purposes that the Report will be prepared with the skill, care and diligence reasonably to be expected of a competent Chartered Surveyor or Valuer, but accepts no responsibility whatsoever to any person other than the Client himself. Any such person relies upon the Report at his own risk.

7. Unless otherwise expressly stated, in making the Report, the following assumptions will be made:

(a) that no deleterious or hazardous materials or techniques have been used and it is impracticable to comment on the state of any wall ties;

(b) that the property is not subject to any unusual or especially onerous
restrictions, encumbrances or outgoings and that good title can be shown;

(c) that inspection of those parts which have not been inspected would not reveal material defects.


The Main Building

9. The surveyor will undertake a visual inspection of so much of the exterior and interior of the property as is accessible with safety and without undue difficulty. Accordingly the report will cover all that part of the property that is visible whilst standing at the various floor levels. The surveyor will open trap doors where accessible and possible with safety and without undue difficulty. Therefore furniture, floor coverings, fixtures and fitting will no be moved, but the inspection will include subject to reasonable accessibility with safety and without undue difficulty, the roof space without moving insulation material. Inspection of the roof space is confined to details of design and basic construction; individual timbers are not specifically examined although, where defects are observed as part of the general examination, such defects should be noted in the report.

10. It is not possible to report on the condition of the flues or the presence of flueliners, and the report will not advise upon whether or not any chimneys can be used.

11. A moisture detecting meter will be used in selected positions.


12. The surveyor will provide an overall impression of the services, but will not test them and will not advise upon whether the property/services comply with regulations in respect of services. Drainage inspection covers will be lifted where visible and possible to facilitate a visual inspection, but drains are not tested.


13. Garages and other outbuildings of substantial permanent construction and any structure(s) attached to the dwelling will be inspected. Leisure facilities within outbuildings will not be inspected.


14.The boundary structures, retaining walls, paths and drives will be inspected to the extent that they are readily visible from positions to which the surveyor is entitled to gain access. Leisure facilities will not be inspected.


15. If it is suspected that hidden defects exist which could have a material affect on the value of the property, the surveyor will so advise and recommend more extensive investigation prior to entering into a legal commitment to purchase.

16. If it is not reasonable possible to carry out any substantial part of the inspection this will be stated.

17. Any obvious evidence of serious disrepair or potential hazard to the property will be reported, as will any other matters apparent from the inspection which are likely materially to affect the value.

18. Where the surveyor relies on information provided, this will be indicated in the report, with the source of the information.

19. The report will state the existence of any apparent recently significant alterations and extensions so as to alert legal advisers.

20. Where the property is part of a building comprising flats or maisonettes, the report will identify deficiencies in the management and/or maintenance arrangements for the whole building observed during the inspection which the surveyor considers materially to affect the value.

21. Subject to the above report will comment on the following:-

– Roofs
– Accessible Roof Voids
– Rainwater Goods
– Insulation
– Chimney Stacks and Parapets
– External Walls
– Signs of Structural Damage, i.e. Subsidence
– Ceilings
– Internal Walls
– Floors
– Windows
– Doors
– Dampness
– Fungal Decay
– Decorations
– Electricity
– Gas
– Plumbing and Sanitary Goods
– Central Heating
– Drains
– Garages and Outbuildings
– Gardens & Boundaries
– Summary of Main Defects
– Approximate Cost of Remedial Works where appropriate

22. The report where appropriate will include a set of colour photographs highlighting some of the defects.

23. The report will be released (unless other arrangements are made beforehand), when payment is received.


24. The Surveyor accepts responsibility to the client solely in respect of the written report and no reliance will be accepted in respect of any verbal discussion of survey findings prior to issue of the written report.

25. In accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’ requirements, this Company complies with the recommended Complaints Procedures and details are available on request.